• Groups Objects by Component Type
  • Selects and Frames Objects inside Kinds Window
  • Edits Properties of Objects inside Kinds Window (Even Non-Selected Objects!)
  • Custom Components Supported (Pro Version)
  • Searches Objects
  • Locks Selected Objects
  • Customizable Property Columns



Open the Kinds window via Window > Using Theirs > Kinds menu.

Click an item to select the game object. You can select multiple game objects.

Double-click an item to frame (or focus) the game object.

You can edit properties directly inside the Kinds window. Note that you can do this without selecting the object. It’s convenient!

Click a column to sort objects. You can sort even colors!

Select multiple items and edit their properties at once.

You can add or remove tabs in the Kinds tab. Just check or uncheck Enabled property. Kinds stores the active tabs for the next time you open the Kinds window.

The pro version supports custom components. Check the Custom Components (PRO) to list the custom components in your project.

You can search and filter items by their name.

Check the Lock Selection to pin the selected items.

Double-click a tab to select the first item inside the tab. You can use the Lock Selection or the sorting feature to bring a specific item to the top.

Right-click a column header to show the column selection menu. You can check or uncheck columns on this menu. Kinds stores the selected columns.


  • Tested with Unity 2017.4 and Unity 2019.3

Thank you for reading! I hope Kinds makes your game development fun. 🎉 Feel free to report a bug or suggest a new feature.