Remote Inspector 1.5


Let’s take a look at new features in Remote Inspector (Pro) 1.5.

Method Calling

You can now call methods directly from the inspector. You can call private and public methods as well as methods of the base class. It also supports ref and out arguments. No more repeating tedious builds over and over to add a single line of code.

Editor Mode & Connection Bar

You can use all the functions of Remote Inspector not only on the remote but also on the editor. You don’t need to stop a running game to add logs or execute methods. Just connect to the editor right now and check it out.

A new connection bar has been implemented to easily switch between editor and remote. Just view and click on your connection history.

Static Class Window (Pro)

Have you ever wanted to change quality settings while playing a game on the remote? Or what if you want to stop the game by setting Time.timeScale to 0? All of this is now possible in the Remote Static window. You can use it like project settings in the editor. Of course, you can also add your own classes and call methods.

Show Options

It’s hard to find if you see too many. You can now show or hide fields, properties and methods directly from the toolbar. In addition, various viewing options have been added. Use the options to view alphabetically, view by original name, view methods in base classes, and show member icons.

And More

In addition, Remote Inspector (Pro) 1.5 includes a number of enhancements.