Which SVN Branch?

Committed to a WRONG branch! 😱

Working on a wrong branch is one of the occasional mistakes if your project has multiple branches. I had made this mistake several times before I created Which Svn Branch! It shows you where your project is: the working directory and the branch which you checked out.


On Windows, you can use a command-line version of subversion. Or, the TortoiseSVN installer has an option to install a command-line svn with it. Click the Setting toolbar button in the main window of Which Svn Branch to open the Settings window. In that window, you can set the path of your svn command-line tool. Use the Test button to test if there is any problem with your settings.

On Mac, you can use the built-in svn command-line tool or your custom installation. Use type command in the Terminal app to look for the path of your svn installation.

type svn
> svn is hashed (/usr/local/bin/svn)